Falcons group of companies –  One of the best real estate and land developers!

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The Falcons group of companies are the best real estate and land developers because they have many years of experience and their finger on the pulse of the changes in all aspects of their business. They have proven themselves a top-class organisation that has made remarkable improvements in all aspects of their business. They continue to strive to exceed your expectations continually.

As a real estate and land developer, the group began its business in 1988 under the Chairmanship of Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed  Ch. (Late). Currently, Falcons Group’s chairman is Haris Iftikhar Chaudhary.

After much hard work, dedication, and experience, the Falcons group has become one of the top real estate and land developers. All these things combined make the falcons group of companies worthy of being called a leading real estate and land developer.

When looking for a great developer, it can be challenging to choose between the many options available. However, once you understand what sets Falcons group apart from other real estate developers and land investors, it’s easy to see why people trust us as their preferred choice regarding property development and sale.

Quality service:

Falcons organise and ensure that the real estate purchasing and selling process is a positive and satisfying experience. They consistently develop effective plans for home and business investments for their clients. Until the project is completed and implemented, Falcons always ensure the development of high-quality infrastructure, frameworks, and design.

Client’s relationship: 

Falcons are dedicated to generating value for its investors and positively impacting the communities they serve. It believes in establishing lasting partnerships with its partners. They fully understand the costs, legality, amenities, master plan, location, and possibilities for future expansion of projects. To meet the needs of prospective clients, they modify their investing strategies.


Falcons Group, led by Mr. Haris Iftikhar Ch., has completed three projects successfully, including two real estate projects and hundreds of custom-built homes approved by RDA with zero affectees. Falcons Group is working diligently to create a unique living environment for the premium farmhouses, which is well situated close to the proposed Ring Road interchange. Delivering community-based residential projects with all-futuristic concepts and an ultra-modern lifestyle to meet our international clients’ residential aspirations is another initiative.

Their three main successful projects are as follows:

1. Rose Valley:

In Rawalpindi, Falcons undertook a significant project and created the opulent Rose Valley, a housing society that appeals to residents and has various features and amenities.

2. Snober City:

Snober City is the most recent manifestation of Falcon’s beautiful construction and development project that complies with contemporary norms and trends.

3. Spring Valley:

Spring Valley is one of the Falcons group’s significant projects. The project is great and includes all the modern farmhouse features.

Guide to clients:

To ensure that its clients’ day-to-day operations are seamless and trouble-free, Falcons Group is committed to fully comprehending their demands and offering top-tier experts assistance.

They are professionals who can walk you through each investment stage because they have studied these initiatives for years. Depending on their investment needs, they always give their clients detailed information about the projects and offer areas where they might quickly get the best return on investment.

Final words:

The Falcons group of companies offers top-class real estate and property development services. It provides the requisite management support necessary to deliver the best results. Their working philosophy is characterised by their dedication to delivering on their promises, even in the face of any challenges encountered during any given project. These years of dedication and commitment have earned them an impressive record of professional services rendered to local and international clients.

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